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Feileacan Updated Policy Information

Ashland Mill 3 Location - Mondays

Bristol TTCC Location - Wednesdays


Tuition and Attendance:

 $45.00 per month for a one hour class $55.00 for an hour and a half, advanced class.

$25.00 per month for beginner half hour class.

Sibling discount is 25% off

A reminder is usually posted in class, but this is your responsibility to keep these guidelines, check and remember when tuition is due.

Tuition is non-refundable. There are no refunds or credits due to inclement weather, or refunds or credits given for student absence. We will make every attempt to make up for any lost time with extra practice days that are held on occasion or student may take another class for make-up time within 2 weeks of the missed class. If an event, performance, competition, rehearsal or workshop falls on the day of your scheduled class, there will not be make ups or refunds for class, this is the class for the day.  If paying month to month, refunds or credits are not given for holidays that fall on the day of class. In the event of teacher illness, I will have a substitute or we will make up the time during a make up class or staying later for several classes, depending on your class’ time and location. Holidays and snow dates are factored into the prices for dance. It is not a pay-per-class, you are not paying for 4 weeks, think of it as paying for a year of dance, broken up into 9 payments. 

Snow days: If you are not part of the Facebook parent group, please check this website for cancellations.

PLEASE hand in tuition at the beginning of class, not the end. Having multiple classes and a transition period with one class leaving and one entering, it will be easier if each class to please hand it in at the beginning.

***If your student carpools with another student to class, please be sure you send tuition along with your child.

Late tuition is subject to a $5.00 late fee.

You may make your payment several different ways. Tuition can be made online through the website, in class with a credit card, check or cash. 

Late fee will be applied if your tuition is late due to vacation, during school vacation and class is still be held but dancer did not attend. 

Sibling discount will not be applied if tuition is late.


In Bristol and Ashland, keeping in mind the best learning and dancing experience dancers will be grouped into the class that best suits them.

Parents are asked to remain outside of the class while teaching is going on to limit distractions.

Disputing these policies, harrassment or inappropriate behavior from families will not be tolerated and may result in the student's removal from the school at the teacher's discretion. 

Please bring a drink to class. 



In class, students should be in leotards, leggings, t-shirts, skirts, shorts or tights. Please, NO JEANS, no overly baggy clothing, no overly long dresses or skirts. Skirts should not be longer than knee length. 

We have an ordering period for t-shirts and track suits each year. Items must be purchased during the buying period. We cannot order at random times. Measurements must be done with a sewing/fabric measuring tape. Parents are responsible for dresses that come back that do not fit.

There are many brands to choose from when ordering Irish dance shoes. Shoes must be a name brand shoe like Rutherford, Fays, Antonio Pacelli, Hullachan, Ryan & O’Donnell or Celtic Choice. All other brands must be approved by the teacher. Ordering off brands from Ebay or Amazon can make for bunchy toes, ill-fitting shoes with no arch or padding. Shoes should be snug, do not order shoes with room to grow in mind. We must be able to see their point and arches. When in doubt, just ask. Remember that Irish dance shoe sizes are 1-2 size numbers smaller than US shoes. If the shoes have Euro sizes (26,27,28, etc) they are not proper Irish dance shoes. Please avoid any Irish dance shoes labeled as beginner. These are usually not of good quality and the beginner hard shoes are limited. 

Soft shoe laces should not be criss-crossed up the calf. Beginners can wrap around the ankle or foot and tie and advanced dancers should learn the tying technique which hides their laces.

You may receive 10% off at Keilys.com by entering Feileacan for the code upon checkout.

Beginners may wear black leather ballet shoes or traditional soft shoes.

Students in their second year and at least 7 years old should have hard shoes.  Older students may get them sooner or on a case by case basis.

Hard shoes must be traditional hard shoes and not tap shoes.

Poodle socks should be worn when trying on shoes and encouraged to be worn in class to ensure proper fit and maintenance. For each competition or major performance, poodle socks should be new to ensure perfect presentation. For recitals, regular white socks or white gym socks are not allowed. Socks should be the Champion Length socks by Antonio Pacelli. Occasionally at a performance, sock glue will be used backstage to prevent slouchy socks, it is non-toxic and rinses away with water and is made for this purpose.

All costumes will now be ordered through Prime Dress Designs. The dress making process can take up to 12 weeks and requires that we submit a minimum order of 5 dresses to complete. Dancers considering dresses please plan to buy during our dress buying period. We are allowed to order once a year for under 5 costumes or anytime if it is over 5 costumes. Costumes require a non-refundable deposit.

Turquoise leotard and skirt is meant for first-second year students and beginners under 10. 

Sleeveless dress with turquoise leotard underneath is for second-third year students and beginners over 10. Sleeveless dresses can be worn by any dancer not competing.

Full school dress is for dancers with 3+ years and/or have placed in top 3 at a feis. 

Beginner skirts and sleeveless dresses are not for competing dancers who have been dancing 3+ years and plan on advancing past intermediate level. 

Solo dresses are allowed for competition when a dancer hits the novice level but all dresses must have teacher approval prior to purchasing. Dancer should have the majority of their dances in novice for a solo dress. 



Dresses by Prime Design have room for let out and let down to grow with your dancer.

Dresses can be resold to other Feileacan dancers provided that they are in good condition.

Dresses should not be worn while sitting on the ground or floor or while eating or riding in the car. You can bring your dress to performances or competitions and wear a tank top and and just pull your dress on. The full dress should be kept in a garment bag. 

Hair is usually curled for competitions and performances. Some parents have great results with Soft Spikes Curlers. Top half of hair should be brought back in a half up style to keep hair out of the face. Talk to other moms, see what they use. Curling irons do not provide the best curls and they tend to not last.


Full wigs can be worn after a dancer has reached novice in competition. For a full wig, check out a style such as Sarah Senior Wig sold by idanceirish or the Lexy wig in combination with the scrunchy wig at irishwigs.com. Most dancers use the Lexy wig for performance AND competition. All other wigs must meet with teacher approval before buying.


Feileacan Irish Dance may participate in approximately 2-4 competitions per year. Parents must inform me that a dancer is interested in competing prior to the feis, and inquire about which dances their dancer should participate in. I do not approach each family individually with competition information.

Competitions that we regularly attend include:

New England Championships at Great Wolf Lodge in Massachussetts, held in early November.

Celtic Winter Gathering held in Burlington, Vermont in late January.

Burlington Feis in Massachussetts in early April

Flying Irish Spring Feis in late April

Other competitions may arise, and we reserve the right to decide not to take part in a particular competition. Travel expenses may be associated with each competition as well as registration fees.

We consider competition to be for fun and to gain new experiences and the dancers like to come together for these events and root for each other. The judge’s perception of your dancer is based off a brief moment in time and many times, only one glance up at the dancers. This is not reflect how we perceive your dancer.

 Dancers are not required to compete.

We are part of the organization Rince Tuatha Nua.

March performances:

We usually do two St. Patrick’s Day season performances. One may be at a retirement home and the other is usually The Shamrock Shuffle. Due to issues in the past, they will be “Opt-in” performances and you must sign up in January to be able to do these performances. If we do two performances, you must attend BOTH of the shows and not just one.


Dancers allowed to wear black tights UNDER their socks on St. Patrick’s Day to events, due to the cold weather. Dancers cannot wear black tights to competition or spring recitals.

Photographs and videos of the dancers may be taken and posted on social media. If you do not want to allow your dancer to be photographed, we must be notified in writing. This may also limit the amount of activities that your dancer will be able to participate it. Names or identifying information are never posted.

When we have a recital (or competition) approaching, we require the cooperation of parents to make sure that your dancer is in class and on time. We know that many things arise, but please keep in mind when signing up for other sports and dance schools that we expect a certain level of commitment and can provide the best experience when our classes are made a priority. If you have many different activities going on, then our classes might not work for you. Irish dance is a style of dance that where the learning of it is very gradual but needs to be consistent.  Excessive Absences might lead to uncertainty in the choreography and could result in removing a dancer from routines or part of a routine. Absences could also result in the dancer's eligibility to compete. This will be at the teacher's discretion. It is Feileacan's policy that our dancers only be part of one Irish dance school at a time.

Recital Date: TBA. If you are unable to attend recital after date is announced, we ask that you inform us as soon as possible for choreography purposes.

Dancers MUST be present at a rehearsal for a recital. Parents do not go backstage at recital and they are asked to drop off their dancer and return at rehearsals. Dancers do not have to wear their costumes for rehearsal.

Tuition balances must be paid by recital and before receiving recital tickets. If lost, tickets are nonreplaceable and nonrefundable. 

Parents are invited to join the Feileacan Irish Dance Parents Group on Facebook. This group is private and I am able to easily make announcements through this. Please check this group for things like cancellations due to inclement weather.

(603) 217-5867

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